Earn While You Dine At Sweet Pea’s

Sweet Pea’s at St. Paul is a relaxing neighborhood pub that offers a plethora of unique dishes, a variety of tap beers along with their excellent service and warm, welcoming smile. It was started in June, 2014 and soon turned out to be a quick stop over on your way back home where you could practically chill out with your friends. This recently renovated urban bar features the latest décor, hardware floors, eye-catching chandeliers, a bar made of white oak, a 65 inch big LED screen and a big-sized room that is let out on rent for parties. Their winner recipe includes a blend of exclusive signature dishes along with anassortment of 24 tap beers, wide range of high-end liquors that includes scotches and bourbon and 8 types of wines. All these eateries along with their friendly ambiance makes it a must visit place in that particular area. Unlike the other neighborhood pubs that offers only dine-in facility, this pub has also come up with a unique concept of food delivery. The days when you are just too lazy in stepping out of your home but craving for their lip smacking dishes, just place your order and get your favorite food and drinks conveniently delivered at home.

Spend for a good cause

With the fundraising system a part of the amount you spend on dining goes as a donation. When you dine here at Sweet Pea’s along with your friends or family on their fundraising day and hand over the event voucher 25% of your bill amount gets credited back to your own organization. At St Paul pub, this day is normally held on Mondays and is scheduled well in advance around a month back. The vouchers are printed and distributed within your groups as a promotional act before the event. At the end of the day, the total sales as per the voucher is added up and 25% of this sale amount (excluding the tax and tip) is sent back to you in 2 weeks time from the date of the event. It is applicable for dine-in only and the vouchers should be distributed well in advance to the customers and not on the day of the event.

The delivery concept

Now, with the launch of the latest concept of home delivery of food items and drinks by Sweet Pea’s munching on your favorite meal sitting back at home is no longer a dream. They have got a tie up with a company named the Bite Squad to act as their delivery partner. The drivers of the environment-friendly vehicles of Bite Squad ensure that whether there is rain, snow or even any big sports game going on your food would be conveniently delivered within an area of 7-mile radius of Sweet Pea’s.You can order from their full menu for delivery service.

Reward points

The St Paul pub entitles certain reward points to each of its members. In order to redeem these reward points you need to abide by all of their terms and conditions. The membership is not transferable and you cannot club these reward points with any other coupons or discount offers. These reward points has no cash value. If you enroll online, you can earn 60 such bonus points.