Get the best and tastiest pizzas fresh right off your oven with Wicked Food Company

Pizza is one of the world’s best creations, when it comes to tasty and flavorful foods. It can be eaten anywhere, anytime. Pizza for breakfast is a good idea, pizza for lunch is not bad as well, and even eating pizza during dinner does not seem to be bad at all. However, pizza comes in different variations, and depending on the pizzeria that prepares it. This makes pizza cost a lot; and making your own pizza takes a lot of time and effort. Good thing there’s a Wicked Pizza Company in the United States that provides tasty pizza that can be prepared with ease, especially for those sneaky midnight snack cravings.

Wicked Food Company

Located at 1342 Grand Ave #202, St Paul, MN 55105, United States, the company specializes in manufacturing frozen foods, and their best seller and specialty are their pizzas that can be baked and cooked in your oven. Their products guarantee 100% freshness, and can be purchased at the nearest grocery stores near you.

Their pizzas come up with an easy ready-to-bake instructions, making it easier to cook and prepare. The pizzas come in four different flavors, that customers claim to be delicious and tasting better than regular pizzas. The company meticulously prepares these frozen pizzas, with fresh ingredients and spices to keep them tasty and flavorful.

The company aims to deliver unique frozen pizzas, without sacrificing its flavor and quality. Each product undergoes a rigorous process, from making the dough, to using the key ingredients, as well as tasting it before delivering it to the market. The company guarantees a flavorful and mouth-watering experience with their pizzas; each customer is expected to experience a wonderful burst of flavors once they get their first bite of their wicked pizzas.

Wicked Pizza Flavors

The company’s pizzas come in four different flavors- Mighty Mario, Meatzilla, Wicked Porkers, and the Devil’s Delight. All of these pizzas vary from one another, take the Mighty Mario for example, it is an Italian-Style Meat Pizza, which has a thick and chewy crust, filled with rich pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese and topped with Italian sausages, Italian-style meatballs, pepperoni, hot Italian sausages, roasted green and red peppers, parmesan cheese and some Italian herb seasoning for that authentic Italian flavor experience.

For meat lovers, the company offers their 5-meat Meatzilla Pizza, which is consist of Italian sausages, Canadian bacon slices with sirloin, hot italian sausages, pepperoni and the infamous bacon. Pork Lovers on the other hand, can try their 3-sausage Pizza, which is topped with three Italian sausages that varies with different flavors from mild, hot and spicy.

If you want an adventurous experience with your pizza and demands a bit of spice, you can try their Devil’s Delight, which is prepared with their classic crust, smothered with their secret pizza sauce, topped with bacon, Monterey jack with pepper cheese, Canadian bacon with sirloin and some flavorful Italian herb seasoning.


With their delightful and flavorful pizzas, Wicked Food Company guarantees the best pizza ever. And with the huge number of positive feedback from their customers, it is not a surprise why the company is mostly refered to as a Wicked Pizza Company that provides the best and flavorful pizza in town.