Good food with good people

Pizza and chicken dishes are two of the most basic yet delicious meals that you can prepare and devour. Aside from the fact that they are effortless to cook, they can be had at reasonable rates at various food stalls around your area. There are a thousand food chains across the country that offers the same quality of taste in their product. There are also independents who would like to make their presence felt by providing the best tasting foodstuff. Pizza & Chicken Delivery in South Minneapolis are best handled with ease by Boss’ Pizza and Chicken.

The menu

For the information of everyone around the town, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken has not one, not two, and not even three locations around South Minneapolis, but rather five branches. This way, upon ordering a pizza or roasted chicken for delivery, it is brought to your doorstep the soonest time possible. The sooner, the better as we want to chow down our food sizzling hot. All the dishes are cooked with the finest ingredients available, so you sure are eating a delicious and healthy treat. They have a relatively vast offering ranging from pizza a la carte, specialty pizza, chicken, pasta, appetizers, kids menu and even desserts. Now they have the best selection of pizza including and are not limited to BBQ beef, buffalo chicken pizza, chicken Alfredo, and chicken cordon bleu. If pizza is not your type, their chicken is tossed in with some potato wedges and one side of coleslaw, potato salad, extra potato wedges, or beans. Their pricing is also incredibly reasonable so that anyone will have the luxury of trying out their delicious offerings.

 Catering needs?

We sure love to throw in huge parties attended by many of our loved ones. As much as possible, we don’t want to tire ourselves out with the preparations and aftercare jobs. The name mentioned a lot of times in this blog does not only do pizza and chicken delivery in South Minneapolis, but they also are good with catering services. Book your appointment with them now, and you will surely rebook on your next big parties. With the taste of their pizza and chicken, you and your guests are in for a treat.

The competitors

In this industry, healthy competition is expected. There are also outstanding restaurants around the area that sure can fill your stomach in style. Pizza Luce offers excellent tasting and not-so-unusual pizza. Parkway Pizza, on the other hand, cooks their pizza with some local ingredients and homemade sauce making the infamous “Minneapolis Style Pizza.” Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge offers the best wings you may ever taste. The like of dry-rubbed wings and the famous Polynesian wings may get your mouth to salivate like never before.

Overall, no matter how good the food is made, it will not taste delicious if you eat it with a downhearted soul. In contrast, healthful foods are going to taste even better if you are surrounded at the moment with the best people.