Steps to make Curry Puffs

This is among the kuih (pastries, in Malay) that my buddies or relatives usually ask me to organize during potluck gatherings. I learnt steps to make this from my neighbour within my remain in Penang, Malaysia within the last ten years.


Oil for Frying

Pastry Ingredients

2 1/2 cup flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking powder – Sift the above mentioned dry ingredients

3 tablespoon margarine/butter/ghee

1 egg, beaten

cold water sufficient to make the dough

Filling Ingredients

1 tablespoon oil

5 shallots, chopped

500 g of beef/ chicken, minced

2 taters, diced 1 centimeter cube

2 tablespoon curry powder

2 tablespoon soya sauce

pepper and salt to taste

1 cup water


To organize pastry:

Rub the butter/ margarine into sifted flour till fine and crumbly. Mix egg in. Add water progressively.Knead right into a smooth dough. Reserve inside a saran wrap and put in fridge for half an hour.

To organize filling:

Heat oil over high temperature. Fry shallot taters, meat and curry powder together till oil start to separate. Add water and season to taste. Use lower heat simmer till dry.Remove and awesome inside a strainer.

To wrap curry puff

Unveil dough on floured surface. Flatten it. Eliminate models shape roughly 6 centimeters across. Fill the models with curry fillings. Fold over and flute the perimeters to close. Heat oil and deep fry puffs till golden brown. Drain well. Put them on absorbent paper. Serve cold or hot.

Cooks Tips

Curry puff is offered during breakfast or as mid-day snack during tea amount of time in Parts of asia, for example Malaysia, and Singapore.

Previous food and exercise of over three decades, has been focused on fast weight loss through a big tendency, even though food pills on year and crash diet. However, all food groups with less than ten years of age have started to understand that more people have started eating healthy snacks like Curry puff, including regular exercise regiments, balanced eating habits.