Which Equipment Do You Need For The Front Of House In A Restaurant?

When you are running a restaurant, you need the dining area to look as good as possible. This will help to entice people inside when they are looking through the windows. A good dining room will also allow your customers to enjoy their meals even more.

When you are starting a restaurant, you might be unsure about the front of house equipment that you need. Which equipment do you need for the front of the house in a restaurant?

Boxes For Condiments

When your customers are enjoying their meals, they often want some condiments as well. This could include salt, mustard and tomato ketchup. You should consider buying some boxes for the condiments so that they can be brought over to the table by the waiter or waitress. This reduces the likelihood that any of the condiments are going to go missing.

There are lots of different styles of condiment box that you can choose from. You might want a box that is made of solid wood, or you might want a container that is made of metal. You will want the style of the condiment box to fit with the theme of the overall restaurant.

Coffee Pot

When your guests have finished their meal, they will often want to relax with a delicious cup of coffee. This is something that your waiting staff can provide for them. You might want to purchase a large coffee pot so that your customers can have freshly made coffee.

You should choose a coffee pot which is extremely robust and can hold enough coffee for several people at a time. Then your customers will be able to enjoy a drink at the end of a delicious meal.


You will want to enhance the mood inside the restaurant anyway that you can. One of the best ways to do this is to light some candles on the tables. You will be able to buy large candles that last for a long time, and you can put them inside eye-catching candle holders.

This is going to make the dining room look even more appealing and your customers will want to stay for as long as they possibly can when the lighting is like this. You should consider doing this when the evenings are drawing in or if the weather outside is terrible.


When your diners are enjoying their meals, they need to be using the best quality cutlery available. You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to make sure that you have good knives and forks. You should choose cutlery that is easy for people to grip as well as being extremely strong because you will not want to deal with any breakages.

You should always make sure that the equipment you buy for the front of the house in your restaurant is the highest possible quality. This will allow your diners to enjoy their meals.